Normandy, a magnificent region, is the emblem of a historic period which helps us better understand the life that we know.

My project traverses some of the area — the key to what we know, where hardly sixty-six years ago the Allied Forces made their first advance to liberate Europe. The spirit of their courage lies beneath the normailty and peace we enjoy today, which is the fruit of those who fought in this epochal place. It must have been one of the least hospitable places on the planet.

The experiences I had and the places I visited were conquered by men who paid high price and made many sacrifices, and we can still strongly perceive this even if we haven’t experienced it ourselves.
The beauty of this place should not cause us to forget the history that allows us to enjoy it today.

It’s for that reason that my project is made up of portraits and testimonies of the men and women who lived and made history during that period, and who left a profound scar in place of their lives in the pages of twentieth century history.

Nobody must ever forget the real price paid for liberty. To strengthen the grace of their sacrifices, we must commit their story to our collective memory.

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