David Schivo started its activity as a photographer at the beginning of the year 2000. His researches are mainly focused on cities and on the aspects of everyday life.
Thanks to his studies in architecture he has acquired a very personal approach to photograph urban life and all the
related problems.
His journeys all over the world offered him the opportunity to develop many works that compare different aspects of society and deal with often neglected or little known themes.
In recent years he got in contact and contributed also as an editor to the realization of the projects of many photographer such as with Alec Soth, Anders Petersen, Pieter Hugo, Miguel Rio Branco, David Farrell, Harvey Benge, Guy Tillim, Graciela Iturbide.
He also carried out photographic services for important companies like Auchan, Gambero Rosso, Alitalia, Italiana Cos-truzioni, Gruppo Sorgente, l’Arca Edizioni.
Since 2008 he has worked with Marco Delogu, who is a photographer and the editor of the photography department of MACRO in Rome and also the director of FotoGrafia International Festival of Rome.