Anyone who walks the streets and paths of Pianosa today has the impression of being in a place where time stopped many years ago.
I retraced the footsteps of the few free men who might have seen it, trying to see what they would have seen and following the memory of a place whose territory is strongly marked by its history.
The closure of the penal colonies and the abandonment of their structures have allowed nature to reclaim them. However, those places witness a secret story of ordinary people unlikely to be swallowed in the silence and forgotten.
I tried to use my gaze to preserve the historical memory. The island has been abandoned and risks being forgotten. Over time it has seen the detention not only of common people, but of people ranging from Sandro Pertini to Renato Curcio to high-ranking mafiosi. This maximum security prison is a part of the history of our country. These imprisonments have been forgotten, perhaps accidentally or perhaps deliberately — because of the nature of them. But either way, for better or for worse, this history is ours.

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